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Emerging food and drink trends for 2013
November 30, 2012

As Year 2012 coming to an end, people now wonder what are the emerging food and drink trends for 2013 and here is our projections:

Multi-functionality will continue to develop as consumer demands and expectations for food become more complex. Increasingly, the key to success will lie in a manufacturer’s ability to decipher and appeal to the correct ‘mix’ of desirable benefits, rather than a single reason to buy.

Healthier versions of popular products will become the focus rather than specific diet foods, allowing consumers to eat what they enjoy while still observing a balanced diet.

Gourmet convenience - using pre-prepared fresh ingredients to create restaurant-quality meals at home and utilising faster cooking methods - will continue to grow in appeal. Consumers will expect the convenient food products they buy to be added-value convenience: more nutritionally balanced, contain more ‘natural’ ingredients and provide more reasons to buy.

Natural balance - interest in better balanced diets will continue to grow. Salads, meals and smoothies which contain beneficial nuts, seeds, oils, proteins and complex carbohydrates will be in demand. Alkaline grains, such as millet, amaranth, buckwheat and sprouted grains, together with grain-like quinoa, mixed with balanced natural ingredients to improve nutritional content and increase satiety will rise in popularity. Convenient products which feature this mix of ingredients could be an opportunity to tap into this emerging trend.

Big, bold flavours - this trend has already been seen in the ‘flavour experiences’ trend but will develop to include umami notes, bold flavour combinations and intense new flavours from around the world - partly influenced by the rise of gourmet food trucks established in the US and emerging in Europe. This trend will also help address issues of loss of flavour as manufacturers reformulate products with less salt, saturated fats and sugar.

With only one month to go until you make another New Year resolution - Get Active and Eat Healthy should remain the top priority.

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Nice food good view
September 22, 2010
We wanted to have a nice and romantic dinner on the last night we stay in Chiang Mai on early December 2009 and we chose this restuarant from the sign board in Night Barzar.

It was beyound expectation !!!! The restuarannt was sit on Mae Ping river very close the Nawarat bridge and ambeince was so nice. The waiters was so helpful with variety of dishes in the menu, though the food were served every dishes in the same time, even though the request of ordering was made.
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1, 14 Chareonraj Rd., T. Wat Kate, A. Muang, Chiang Mai.
Tel. 053 302 788
email : deck1@rarinjinda.com

How to get there

From Tapae Gate drive over Nawarat Bridge and turn left on Charoen Rajd Road, a historic commercial road that runs parallel to Ping River. Deck1 is across RarinJinda Wellness Spa & Resort.